Timekeeper Setup

If your organization will be tracking Time and Expense by Timekeeper, you will need to setup the appropriate Timekeepers. Timekeepers may be associated with either an Advologix User, Customer Portal User, or a Contact (external resource).

Timekeepers TAB

Timekeepers TAB

1. Click New button to create new timekeepers

2. Click on the name of a timekeeper to edit their information

NOTE: You can open the Timekeeper list from the All Tabs (+) menu option or from the quick links found in AdvoLogix Setup.

Timekeeper Edit

Timekeeper Edit

Fill-in or modify information and SAVE

Timekeeper Name and Initials

Will identify the underlying person responsible for keeping time under this identity.

Staff or External Resource

These entries are mutually exclusive of one another. The Timekeeper is either a member of the Staff or an External Resource/Contractor.


Short name to identify user on list pages, reports, and other pages where the entire name does not fit.


Signifies the role occupied by Timekeeper. For Ex:

  • AS - Associate
  • LA - Legal Assistant
  • OC - Of Counsel
  • OT - Other Timekeeper
  • PT - Partner

Timekeeper detail

Timekeeper detail

From the Timekeeper detail page you can:

Choose to Edit, Delete, or Clone the timekeeper record.

You can add time related to this timkeeper

You can view a history of the Timekeeper