AdvoLogix Matter Management

Edit a Matter


You can edit a Matter record to add to or modify existing data.   A Matter is a detailed description of a contact's problem, or question and tracks to solve the problem or issue.  You can also create and submit new Matters.  In addition, you can see cases assigned to court and which type of Matter is, with dates and status of Matter.

Choose a Matter

Selecting the Matters tab brings you to the 'Matters Tab home page'.  Select Edit from the Matter list view to edit a Matter.

Add Matter Details

  1. Add Information for your new Matter
  2. Add Dates for your new Matter
  3. Add Additional Details for your new Matter
  4. Add Financial Information for your new Matter
  5. Click Save to save your new Matter information in the AdvoLogix system
  6. Optionally, select Save & New to go directly to a new blank Matter form to add another new Matter

View Newly Edited Matter

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