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Introduction to Intake Forms

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The AdvoLogix Intake functionality allows organizations to create customized intake forms for a variety of use cases and business processes. An important feature of the intake system allows organizations to design a user experience capable of collecting multiple data elements within a single intake session. For example (but not limited to), forms may be designed to collect information for a new Matter, Client, and Primary Contact within a single form. 

Invoking an intake form on an external site will require the use of a Matter Management license.

1. Intake Overview

AdvoLogix has long provided the capability to customize the standard user experience (for working with data) through the use of customizable lists and forms. AdvoLogix intake forms are not intended to replace the standard platform data forms but are instead meant to augment the existing forms to accommodate discrete use cases specifically related to the initial collection of information. The primary advantage of the intake form system is the ability to intake multiple records within a single user experience. Organizations may create as many intake forms as necessary.

Although the primary use case for the intake process is typically related to matters, intake forms may also be used to collect information for any standard or custom data element within AdvoLogix.

2. Designing Intake Forms

Intake forms are created using the new AdvoLogix Intake Designer (shown above). The designer provides a rich “what you see is what you get” (WYSIWYG) user experience for selecting and positioning data elements within the form. The designer also provides control over several aspects of the user experience during data entry. 

Please see this article for more information on the Intake Designer.

3. Intake Data Entry (at Run-time)

Intake forms may be completed by internal staff, community users, or external users (through Sites pages). These methodologies allow for a wide variety of use cases ranging from new client intake to corporate legal service requests. 

Please see this article for more information on invoking intake forms for data entry.

3.1. Invoking an Intake Form with the API

In addition to the standard methods for invoking an intake form for data entry, AdvoLogix also provides an API for launching intake forms. The intake form API allows organizations the ability to implement the intake process for a variety of use cases.

Please see this article for more information on the intake API.

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