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Introduction to the Matter Calendar⚡

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The AdvoLogix Matter Calendar optionally displays matter activities in a traditional monthly calendar format or a highly interactive timeline format. Scheduled activities, time entries, and key matter dates are optionally displayed and available for edit. 

The Matter Calendar can be used to display activities for a specific matter or organizationally for a broader set of matters. These use cases are defined bellow.

The following information applies to using the Matter Calendar in the lightning experience. Please see this article for using the Matter Calendar in Salesforce classic.

1. Organizational Context (multiple matters)

When used in an organizational context, the Matter Calendar can display events, tasks, time and key dates for multiple matters and multiple users. Activities and key dates are selected for display based on filters and options found across the top of the display.

1.1. Application Tab

The Matter Calendar can be launched from the from the additional tabs menu option. If you plan to use this option on an ongoing basis you'll want to consider making it directly accessible. Consider adding the tab to your application menu.

1.2. Lightning Page Component

The Matter Calendar lightning component can be deployed within lightning experience in a variety of ways. Beyond the application tab, the most common use case is to deploy the component on the user home page. This deployment method allows the user to design both wide and narrow column user experiences.

When deploying the component in a narrow page column (usually the right-hand of the home page) enable the component option labeled Narrow View. Enabling this option will automatically adjust the user interface  to a single day view.

1.3. Mobile Application

The Matter Calendar is also available within the AdvoLogix mobile application. The Matter Calendar will automatically sense the deice display capabilities and use settings appropriate for the device. For example, when using a smart phone the calendar will automatically use the Narrow View option (discussed above).

2. Single Matter Context

When used in a matter context, the Matter Calendar can display events, tasks, time and key dates for the underlying matter.  In this use case, the component can be docked inside the matter page layout confining it's content to the current matter only. 

Don't see a specific task you're looking for?
If a task is created with no due date, then the task will not be shown on the matter calendar.

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