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Introduction to Business Hours

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The Business Hours configuration defines working hours and holidays primarily for use in calendaring and scheduling. The AdvoLogix platform allows organizations to configure multiple Business Hours definitions to support multiple business locations or court jurisdictions.

1. Business Hours Configuration

The AdvoLogix platform allows organizations to configure multiple Business Hours definitions to support one or more business locations or court jurisdictions. Holidays are a key aspect of the Business Hours configuration. Holidays are defined globally (outside the scope of Business Hours) and subsequently applied to applicable Business Hours configurations. This allows each Business Hours configuration to share holidays and/or have a unique set of holidays specific to the use case for a given Business Hours configuration.

1.1. Business Hours Setup Overview

  1. Define the Holidays your organization (business units and courts) will observe as non-business days. From Setup, enter "Holidays" in the Quick Find box.

  2. Define your organizations default Business Hours configuration.
    From Setup, enter "Business Hours" in the Quick Find box.

  3. Assign the appropriate Holidays to the Business Hours configuration.
    From the Business Hours configuration, use "Add/Remove Holidays" .

2. Where are Business Hours used in AdvoLogix?

2.1. Business Hours Functionality within Activity Plans

Business Hours can be used within Activity Plans in the following ways: 

  • Date offsets for scheduling activities can be calculated based on Calendar Days or Business Days.
  • If the Activity Plan determines a scheduled date would fall on a non-business day, the date may optionally be assigned to the prior or following business day.

2.2. Business Hours Functionality within the Date Calculator

Business Hours can be used within the Date Calculator in the following ways: 

  • When adding or subtracting n number of Business Days to/from a given date.
  • When counting the number of Business Days between two dates.

The AdvoLogix date calculation business rules rely on your organization's utilization of Business Hours.


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