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AdvoLogix provides the ability to easily manage billing parties within your matter. The Manage Parties lightning component allows you to perform management tasks rather easily.

AdvoLogix recommends using either the Billing Parties component or the Parties related list but not both.  However, our custom component provides more control in a customized way for end users that the standard related list does not.

What are billing parties within your matter?

The billing parties refer to the parties involved in a legal matter who are responsible for generating, reviewing, and managing the billing and financial aspects of the legal services provided.

Manage Billing Parties Component Overview

  1. Billing Party Name - Provides identity to the billing party within the matter and can be populated based on the selected account or account participant value.
  2. Account - Identifies an account within your organization.
  3. Account Participant Name - Identifies an account participant within your matter.
  4. Percentage Split - Refers to the distribution of the fees or expense amount (as a percentage) among the parties involved in the matter.
  5. Active - Identifies the party to be treated as active. Only active billing parties are used for distribution of fees or expense amounts in the matter.
  6. Search - Input control allows searching for a billing party.
  7. Refresh - Action button to reload the billing parties list with the latest data changes.
  8. Edit Billing Parties - Action button provides a way to easily distribute the Percentage Split among the parties. For more details, follow this link.
  9. Delete - Action button to select multiple billing parties and delete them from the list.

How do I edit billing parties?

  1. Provide an Account from your organization.
  2. Provide an Account Participant from the matter.
    🚨To add a billing party, you are required to provide either the Account or the Account Participant from the matter.
  3. Provide the Percentage Split (as a percentage) for the billing party.
  4. Enable or Disable the Active checkbox, if the billing party is to be used for fees or expense distribution.
  5. Refresh - Action button to load the billing parties list with the latest data.
  6. Add New - Action button to add a new row for the billing party.
  7. Delete Selected - Action button to delete the selected billing parties.
  8. Save - Action to save all changes provided in the billing parties list.
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