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Can I produce documents for other objects?

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AdvoDoc's default object types (Matter, Account, & Contact) can be extended to other objects using the following technique.

Chatter Feed Tracking must be enabled on the object chosen for the Base Object.  This is true for both Classic and Lightning.  Review this article for instructions on enabling feed tracking.

Part I: Add New Value to Base Object Picklist

  1. Go to Setup | Create | Objects | AdvoDoc Template
  2. Select the custom field named Base Object.
  3. Add a new value to Base Object's picklist. The value must match the label of the object you are intending to add. For example, if you want to add advpm__Participant__c object, the new value would be Participant.

Part II: Create Lookup Relationship

  1. Go to Setup | Create | Objects | AdvoDoc Log
  2. Create a new lookup relationship custom field, for the object you intend to add as Base Object. In the example from part one this would be a lookup relationship to the Participant object.

PART III: Create Custom Button (optional)

This step is optional and is only required for creating on-demand documents from the object's page layout. The object mentioned here is the object you added in Part I.

  1. Go to Setup | Create | Objects | <your object name>
  2. Create the custom button with the URL below.  Replace your object namewith the API name of the object you added in Part I. 
    • Only replace the text in red.

{!$Site.Prefix}/apex/advpm__SelectTemplate?id={!your object name.Id}&refName={!your object name.Name}

The ability to chose any object from the organization for an AdvoDoc Template is available in Lightning only.  For setup in Lightning, only Part II and Part III of this article need to be completed.

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