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AdvoLogix Setup: Legal Hold


This setup area allows organizations to customize the AdvoLogix Legal Hold process. The upper portion of the setup area allows for the selection of data objects to be included in the legal hold process. The lower portion of this area provides several options described below.

Legal Hold Data Objects

  1. Optionally enable or disable the data objects your organization would like to prevent from being deleted when a matter is in legal hold. These options are enabled by default.

    Other Options

  2. Enable the types of users that should be required to acknowledge a matter placed on legal hold. Options include:

    User Participant
    Includes User Participants related to the matter placed on legal hold.

    Matter Owner
    The record owner of the matter placed on legal hold.

    Account Participant Owner
    The Account record owner of an Account Participant assigned to the matter placed on legal hold.

    Contact Participant Owner
    The contact record owner of a contact participant assigned to the matter placed on legal hold.

  3. When this option is enabled, email notifications will be sent to acknowledgement recipients when a matter has been removed from legal hold.

  4. When this option is enabled, acknowledgement recipients who have not "acknowledged" the legal hold will be reminded every n days until the hold has been acknowledged.  Where n is the number of days specified to wait before reminding.

  5. The Apex Callback method is an advanced feature which allows system integrators the capability to add custom functionality to the legal hold process.

  6. Organizations can specify the desired email template for each type of notification. The default Legal Hold email templates may be customized using the email template system. The AdvoLogix default email templates are located in the email template folder named "AdvoLogix". 

Specific participants may be optionally disabled from the acknowledgement list using the participant's Exclude from Legal Hold checkbox.

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