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AdvoLogix Setup: Focus Matters

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Focus Matters is used to determine a list of Matters associated with the current User. In addition to record ownership, Focus Matters can also be determined by the User's relationship to the Matter, via Participants.

Focus Matters was formerly named My Matters. The new name was chosen for improved functional clarity in the Spring 2017 release of AdvoLogix.

How can Focus Matters be customized?

  1. Focus Matters can be displayed within a custom Home Page Component or in a full list using our custom Focus Matters tab. In either case, the Matters in these lists (focus matters) can be determined in one of three ways specified in this option.

    Record Owner: only those Matters for which the logged in user is the Record Owner.

    Record Participant: only those Matters for which the logged in user is a Matter Participant.

    Either: includes Matters for which the logged in user is the Record Owner OR if the logged in user is a Matter Participant.

  2. An additional global filter can be used to further restrict the list of Matters qualifying as Focus Matters. To use this feature you will need:
    1. To create a Formula Checkbox field on your Matter object.
    2. Then, go to the AdvoLogix Setup tab >> Matters >> Focus Matters to apply your new global filter.
      1. Examples might include:
        • Custom Formula: Status is not equal to Closed
        • Custom Checkbox: Show in Focus Matters

The formula or checkbox result may be specified as True or False. 



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