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How do I create a new document with AdvoDoc?

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AdvoDoc has been designed to flow within your business process automation system. AdvoDoc assembly can be completely automated under a wide variety of use cases. Documents can also be created manually or on-demand at any time.

1. Create Document Button (single)

The Create Document button is the on-demand method for creating a new document. Use this button from the context of the record you would like to merge. By default, these buttons are available from the Matter, Contact, and Account page layouts. There are three actions available when creating a document:

  1. The preview option allows the document to viewed without creating a new document.

  2. A clipboard option assembles the document directly into the computer clipboard. This functionality allows the result to be pasted into a word processor, email application or other suitable target application.

  3. The create option will immediately produce the document and automatically file it with the related record used to create the document (matter, account, contact, etc).

    After the document has been created there are three navigation options:
    • Go To the newly created document record.
    • Download the new document to their local system.
    • Go Back to the matter, contact or account.

The AdvoDoc Input Wizard can be used between step 2 and 3 above.  For more information, please follow this link.

2. Create Documents Button (batch)

AdvoDoc supports the ability to simultaneously create documents for multiple matters. When the Create Documents button has been added to a standard list users will be able to tag a list of matters and quickly create a document for each selected record. By default, the Create Documents button is available from the matter, contact, and account list views. 

3. Process Builder

You can easily integrate document assembly into your workflow automation diagram using Process Builder. When selecting a process action, look for the AdvoDoc Apex action named DocumentService.

4. API Call

AdvoLogix also provides an API to invoke an AdvoDoc assembly. Documents can be assembled by using our API call from custom Apex code or a custom object trigger. This method facilitates automation from object triggers or other custom processes. The API may also be invoked on-demand using standard Apex.

Where are the newly created AdvoDoc files saved?

New documents will either be saved in the Files system or in a Content library. The storage location is determined by using the AdvoLogix Setup tab.

Newly created documents are automatically related to the underlying object they were created for and can be quickly located in the following ways.

  • Posted in the object's Chatter Feed.
  • In the Files and Content visualforce panel which is available on matter page layouts.
  • In the standard Files panel which is available for all object page layouts.


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