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The Mass Edit/Update button allows users to update certain Matter fields on multiple Matter records directly from the Matter tab.

User Permissions Note
As of version 1.48 AdvoLogix supports the profile setting used by the platform to allow users access to Mass Edit functionality. This allows the button(s) to be populated while also restricting access by the User Profile. 

This option is located on user profiles under the section titled General User Permissions. The option name is Mass Edits from Lists. The default for this option is normally enabled. If your organization has disabled this profile option, the Mass Edit buttons will not be available. 

Adding the Mass Edit/Update Button to the Matters Tab

  1. Navigate to Setup | Create | Objects | Matter
  2. Under Search Layouts, edit Matter List View
  3. Highlight Mass Edit/Update & add it to the Selected Buttons list
  4. Select Save

Using the Mass Edit/Update Button on the Matters Tab

  1. Select the Matters to edit/update by selecting the check boxes to the left of the list view
  2. Select the Mass Edit/Update button
  3. Select the fields to edit in the Mass Update Wizard
  4. Select Next
  5. The top line (in blue) can be used, with some fields, to auto-populate one value to a corresponding field across all Matters chosen for update
  6. Make the desired changes
  7. Select Save

The changes are reflected on the corresponding fields (columns) on the Matter Tab and on the Matter record.

The available fields (columns) to choose from for Mass Edit/Update will vary dependent on standard fields and Custom fields already on the Matter object and any additional custom fields added by your organization during any customization to the Matter object.

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