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Introduction to Comments

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Comments allow users to quickly memorialize (and categorize) general information. While most use cases pertain to relating comments to Matters, Comments may also be unrelated to Matters and extended to support other data elements within AdvoLogix.

Why should we use Comments instead of platform Notes?

Due to the limited capabilities of the standard Salesforce platform Notes data type, AdvoLogix encourages our customers to consider using Comments in lieu of Notes. For instance Notes have the following limitations:

  • Incapable of supporting custom fields.
  • Limited reporting capabilities.
  • Notes are private, allowing only the owner or a System Administrator to edit an existing note.

Comments Overview

Comments are a completely extensible data object within AdvoLogix. This means organizations have the ability to add their own custom fields and design page layouts for their unique business case. As with other data objects, comments are available in list views, related list views, reports, and workflow.

Creating New Comments

A new Comment can be created in a variety of ways. Users may opt to create a new Comment in the following ways:

  • Manually via the New button found on the Comment main list or Comment related list.
  • Manually via the global Quick Action labeled New Comment.
  • Using business process automation techniques such as Process Builder or object triggers.

Reviewing Comments

Comments may be reviewed in the following contexts:

  • From the Comment main list view.
  • From the Comment related list view commonly found on the Matter's related list tab.

As a standard data object Comments may be extended to support custom fields and page layouts.

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