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Adding a File to Matter Content (legacy)

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Uploading a file for a specific Matter can be easily accomplished from the Matter Content section of the page layout.

Overview of Functionality

  • Users can upload new Content.
  • Users have options to specify a Workspace and other meta data values such as Account/Matter/Category/Type (and any custom fields).
  • Users have the option to delete Content (via a Delete button).
  • The Tree on the left side shows records in the following hierarchy: Library -> Category.

    When the Library node is selected the list of Content filters is based on Library selected. Likewise, if a Category is selected the Content will be filtered on both Library and selected Category.

  • On new Upload of Content, if a Library is selected then that Library is used automatically to store the Content.
  • There is a link to View Content as well as Upload “New Version” of content. Upload new Version works same way as new upload but with a change such that it requires a reason for uploading a new version to be specified when storing new Version.
  • If grid display is too short to display the entire Content list, there is a link to make the Content module display in extended view. 

AdvoLogix Content Module

Advologix Content Modul

Navigate to a matter detail page and scroll down till you find the Advologix Content Module

Upload Option A: Drag & Drop a Single File

Upload Option A:  Drag & Drop a single file

1. Open a file folder and highlight the intended file to transfer into Content

Select a file files that are grouped together

2. Click highlighted files and Drag & Drop the file onto the 'browse for files' dotted border line


Upload Option B: Browse for a File

Upload Option B: Browse for a file

1. Click Browse button to open a file folder

2. Highlight the intended file to transfer into Content

3. Click OPEN in the lower right of the computer's file folder window

4. Click Upload Button on Content Module in AdvoLogix

Publish Content

Publish Content


Title: Name the Content field

WorkSpace: You can Choose the Workspace (also called Library)

Description: You can provide additional information

Tags: You can select tags


Account: You can Choose the account to relate the content to

Matter: You can Choose the matter to relate the content to

Category: Choose a category from the drop-down options

Type: Choose a type from the drop-down options

Click Publish



See the new content added to the list of content in your module.

When clicking on the content name you are brought to the detail page for the content item.

When clicking on the content name you are brought to the detail page for the content item.
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