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Legacy Timeline (deprecated)


The legacy Timeline object (described in this article) has been deprecated and removed from the application (as of AdvoLogix Spring 2017).  The legacy Timeline has been replaced by a new dynamic Timeline with improved functionality and no storage requirements. 

Timeline module to view a system log of Chatters/Notes/Tasks/Event/Content/Offers & Demands/Time entries for a Matter.  Creation of the following: Chatter, Notes, Tasks, Events, Content Creation, Offers and Demands, Time will enter a record into Timeline Object with fields, related to the associated Matter.

The assignment of date on various Timeline records we log:

  • Task: ActivityDate field i.e. DueDate
  • Event: StartDateTime field
  • Offers & Demands: Date field
  • Time: EntryDate field
  • Notes: LastModifiedDate field
  • ChatterFeed: CreatedDate field
  • Content: CreatedDate field

From a Matter

From a Matter

Select the View link on the timeline related list to see additional details on the timeline entry.

Timeline Tab

Timeline TAB
  • Select the EntryID link on the timeline list view to see additional details on the timeline entry.
  • Create custom list views to sort entries using desired filter parameters (optional).
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