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Using the AdvoLogix Kanban

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The drag and drop nature of the interface improves user productivity by allowing quick changes to task status and user assignments using the techniques described in this article.

1. AdvoLogix Kanban Toolbar Options

  1. The New Task button allows users to quickly create a new task.
  2. The user icon facilitates the ability to reassign tasks to other users. (see more below)
  3. The options icon allows users to control the content displayed within the kanban. (see more below)
  4. The refresh icon allows users to quickly refresh the kanban.

1.1. User Menu

  1. Show Participants Only: limits the users displayed to only those users assigned as a matter participant. This option is only available when using the kanban on the matter record page.

  2. Drag a user from the list and drop on a task card to reassign the underlying task to the selected user.

1.2. Options Menu

  1. Show My Tasks Only: limits the tasks displayed in the kanban to only those tasks assigned to the current user.

  2. Group Tasks By: usually the Task Status field would be used for the kanban column headings. This option allows users to select an alternative picklist field for the task columns.

  3. Enable Columns: by default all columns are selected for display in the kanban. Columns may be enabled and disabled by selecting (or unselecting) columns within this list.

2. Working With the Kanban Cardwall

  1. Click the task subject hyperlink to open the underlying task.

  2. The tasks context menu provides the following task options:

  3. The task due date is displayed directly below the task subject. If the task is past due the date will be highlighted in red.

  4. The user graphic depicts the user assigned to the tasks.

  5. Informational graphics indicate high priority tasks.

  6. Use drag and drop to move cards between the columns.
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