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Introduction to Legal Hold

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The AdvoLogix Legal Hold functionality assists organizations with the process of hold acknowledgement and matter-related data preservation.

1. Initiating Legal Hold

Matters are placed on legal hold using the checkbox field on the matter form labeled Legal Hold. Enabling this checkbox initiates the notification and preservation process. To remove a matter from legal hold simply uncheck the Legal Hold checkbox.

2.1. Hold Notification and Acknowledgement

When a new legal hold is activated, AdvoLogix will track the acknowledgement status for all users identified as notification recipients. Notification recipients are established by a series of options found within AdvoLogix Setup. These recipients include users within your organization identified as matter participants and/or applicable record owners. 

Notification recipients acknowledge the receipt of the matter's legal hold status. These acknowledgements are tracked by AdvoLogix for the life of the matter.

Specific participants may be optionally disabled from the acknowledgement list using the participant's Exclude from Legal Hold checkbox.

2.2. Data Preservation During Hold

When a matter is placed on legal hold, pre-defined restrictions will subsequently prevent matter-related data from being removed from AdvoLogix. By default, most data types are restricted however organizations have the ability to fine-tune these restrictions.

2.3. Content Tags

Salesforce Content is an optional feature available in AdvoLogix when organizations have not chosen to use Salesforce Files. When a matter is placed on legal hold, content items related to the matter will be tagged with Legal Hold.

The Legal Hold history view allows organizations the ability to centrally manage recent legal hold acknowledgement activity.

The Pending Legal Hold Acknowledgements feature allows users the ability to quickly manage their personal pending legal hold acknowledgements.

4. Integration and Extensibility

The AdvoLogix Legal Hold API provides system administrators and integrators the ability to add additional recipients and use-case specific workflow to the AdvoLogix legal hold process. 

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