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Legal Hold Acknowledgement Overview

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Legal Hold Acknowledgement memorializes an individual's receipt of notification and explicit acknowledgement that a matter has been placed on legal hold.

1. Acknowledgement Process Flow

The following steps represent the mandatory and optional steps to complete the legal hold notification and acknowledgement process.

  • Step 1: Legal Hold Initiated
    An AdvoLogix user has placed the matter on legal hold.

  • Step 2: Acknowledgement Records Created
    A  Legal Hold Acknowledgement record is created for each recipient. These records will be memorialized in context with the matter.

  • Step 3: Notification
     Acknowledgement recipients are notified via email when a matter is placed on legal hold.

  • Step 4: Acknowledgement
    Recipients acknowledge the legal hold from a link (and confirmation) within the email. Legal hold acknowledgements may also be confirmed from the home page using the Pending Legal Hold Acknowledgements component.

  • Step 5: Remind 
    Recipients may optionally be reminded when acknowledgements have not been completed in a timely manner.

  • Step 6: Removal and Notification
    Recipients may optionally be notified if/when a matter is removed from legal hold.

Legal hold administrators can monitor the status of legal hold acknowledgements using the Legal Hold Status History feature.

2. Determining Acknowledgement Recipients

Acknowledgement recipients are determined based on the relationship a user has with the matter placed on hold. The following user relationships can be individually enabled and disabled in AdvoLogix Setup:

  1. All user participants assigned to the matter
  2. The matter's record owner
  3. The account record owner of account participants assigned to the matter
  4. The contact record owner of contact participants assigned to the matter

Specific participants may be optionally disabled from the acknowledgement list using the participant's Exclude from Legal Hold checkbox.

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