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Gantt View (legacy)

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The Gantt View is available as part of the Matter Planner interface.  A Gantt chart is a graphical representation of the duration of tasks against the progression of time. A Gantt chart is a useful tool for planning and scheduling projects.

The Matter Planner Gantt View is for managing activities and milestones in a visual fashion  -  it Illustrates the start and finish dates of an important activity elements of a Matter.  You can also use a slide feature to adjust the date frame of an activity element.

Navigate to the Matter

Matter detail

Click on Matter Planner button

Choose from the Matter Planner options

Choose from the Matter Planner options

Click Gantt View

Matter Activities: Gantt View Section

Matter Activities: Gantt View section

Illustrate the start and finish dates of the important activity elements of a matter.

1. Select from Matters to see Gantt view.

Modifying & Working with the Gantt View

Modifying and working with the Gantt View

1. Slide a task, event or milestone element to a different date position on the Gantt chart to change the time frame for the task, event, or milestone.  This will change the dates for the associated activity

2. Click on the name of the task, event or milestone to be taken to the detail page for that activity.  If you change the date frame on the detail page of an activity and refresh your browser page you will see the change on the Gantt View as well.

3. Set the view on what elements show on the chart

  • Tasks
  • Events
  • Milestones

4. Click Full View to expand  the Gantt view section to its own window.

You may need to refresh the page and scroll back to the Gantt View section to see changes.

Switch Between Matters

Switch Between Matters

Click the Select A Matter drop-down to switch between Matters.

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