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Matter Hierarchy


The Matter Hierarchy quickly displays a matter's parent and child relationships to other matters in your organization. Matter relationships are a result of the assignment of a parent matter on the matter's page layout or by creating Cross Reference Matters

Matter Hierarchy Display Controls

The following options are available when viewing the matter hierarchy:

  1. Maximize the browser's display viewing area.
  2. Toggle to the list view mode.
  3. Toggle to the map view mode.
  4. When in map viewing mode, this option toggles between tree view and scatter view.
  5. Select the type of matters and matter relationships to display. 

Matter Hierarchy List View

The Matter Hierarchy is a quick way to view all matters related to the current matter. Relationships are established by virtue of the Parent Matter field value assignment on the matter or by virtue of a cross reference.

The hierarchy displayed above is for the matter labeled ACME vs State of Florida

  • The section in green (1) displays all of the matter relationships directly related to the matter.
  • The section in red (2) displays the Cross References Matters. These cross references will be related to the matter in a method other than, parent or child. 
  • The section in blue (3) displays the parent and child relationships of the matter. These relationships include both parent matter assignments and parent child cross references.

This view is invoked by using the Matter Hierarchy button from the matter's page layout. If this button is not on your matter page layout (and you wish to use this feature) contact your administrator to request this button addition.

Matter Hierarchy Map View

The map view graphically explores the relationships a matter has with other matters within your organization. In this view, lineage goes back to the grandparent level and displays their sibling children and their children (the current matter's siblings).

The map can be displayed in either of two viewing modes, Tree or Scatter. Tree view is similar to a genealogy chart while scatter view presents a centralized map similar to the participation maps.

Factual similarities will only be visible in the scatter view.  This is because factual similarities are neither a child nor a parent relationship, thus they cannot be part of the hierarchy.

For improved readability, you may reduce the amount of text displayed by removing the on-screen names using the Label checkbox located in the context menu (like in the image below).

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