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This information applies to the Matter Timeline functionality available as a lightning component. Please see this article for details regarding usage of the timeline as a Visualforce page.

1. How can the matter timeline component be used?

The Timeline lightning component is designed for multiple purposes and can be used in the following ways within the lightning experience:

  • As a component docked on the matter lightning record page.
  • On the focus matters page in the lightning experience.

2. How do I add the timeline component to a lightning page?

The timeline lightning component is available from the component palette in the lightning page editor when modifying the matter record's lightning page.

Did you know?
The timeline lightning component can be added to any record page with a matter lookup.

3. Using the Matter Timeline Component

The following options are available in the matter timeline:

  1. By default, the Next Steps section initially displays the next few items in the future. Use the More Steps button to display additional future items.

  2. Clicking the chevron to the left of an item will display additional details for the corresponding item.

  3. The item's context menu provides actions that can be taken for the corresponding item.

  4. By default, the Past Activity section initially displays several items that have occurred in the past. Use the Load Past Activity button to display additional items from history. Alternatively, use the Past Activity context menu to display all activity.

  5. When invoked, the Filter option allows the end user to dynamically select the information displayed in the timeline. In addition to specific data elements the user can also quick select a pre-defined date range to include.

  6. The add icon allows new items to be quickly added.

  7. As needed, use the refresh icon to reload the items displayed in the timeline.

Don't see a specific task you're looking for?
If a task is created with no due date, then the task will not be shown on the matter timeline.

3.1. Using the Timeline in Table View Mode

An advanced viewing option is available when the  matter timeline is added to a wide area of the page layout. Under these circumstances, a toolbar icon exposing a new set of menu options (illustrated above) allowing users to switch between Timeline View (ordinal) and Table View (sorted list).

It's possible to add two instances of the matter timeline to the same page. When doing so, each instance will have a separate set of saved filter values.

Organizations have full control over the data elements available in the timeline via AdvoLogix Setup

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