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Understanding Relationship Maps

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Relationship Maps provide ways to visualize, on your base object, your relationship field values from a child/related object, where these relationship fields are being shared between different base object records up to 3-levels deep hierarchy.

Relationship Map Hierarchy

The relationship map hierarchy is possible when you have more than 3 objects inter-related with each other. An example of a relationship between these objects is displayed below:

  • We start with a base Object (Object A), where we would like to visualize all the relationship data around that object's record.
  • The Object A, have multiple related records of Object B.
  • Similarly, we have more objects, such as, Object C and Object D, as well having multiple related records of Object B.
  • Since, Object B is related to all other objects including Object A, Object C and Object D, each of these objects would have a lookup or a master-detail relationship field on Object B, let's name the fields as Relationship Field A, Relationship Field B and Relationship Field C, respectively.
  • We can now visualize the relationship map using Object A as base object, where the map will visualize a graph to showcase how each of these relationship fields bind to each other.

As a user, you would be able to visualize relationships shared between these objects by configuring and associating the Relationship Fields (from a Child/Related object) as chart Nodes and the Label field value (from same Child/Related object) as chart Links between the nodes.

Example 1
Example 2
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