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Introduction to the Matter Timeline

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The Matter Timeline displays a consolidated list of matter related information from several areas of the application. The list is especially helpful for visualizing and managing a comprehensive list of chronological data from a single view, in context with a specific matter.  Essentially, the timeline is a visual representation of the history of the matter. 

What information does the timeline display?

The timeline optionally displays the following matter related record types and may be customized to display more or less information based on your AdvoLogix Timeline setup options:

  1. Tasks (other than Calls and Email)
  2. Emails (Task activity type)
  3. Calls (Task activity type)
  4. Events
  5. Notes
  7. Time
  8. Expenses
  9. Chatter Feeds
  10. Chatter Field Updates
  11. Offers & Demands
  12. Billings and Invoices (when using integration)
  13. Key Dates
  14. Any Custom Object(s) 

NOTE: Some system posted chatter items (such as field value changes) do not have a title or body text and will not be displayed in the matter timeline.

Which data fields are used in the timeline?

This following chart illustrates the default column values displayed for each record type.  Your organization's administrator can modify the default settings in AdvoLogix Setup: Timeline.

Which fields are used in the Timeline?

The timeline displays the following information for each data type. It is important to note not all data types will have a corresponding field to map to every column.

  • Date (and Time)
  • Type
  • Title
  • Status
  • User

Where can I access the timeline?

Depending on the active user interface the timeline may be accessed in the following ways as a:

Lightning Component

Visualforce Panel

The new matter timeline discussed here supersedes and replaces the deprecated legacy timeline data object.

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