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Sub-Matters allow you to add a new matter that, at time of creation, can be associated with the existing matter from the Sub-Matters related list.

  • Sub-Matters are a one-to-one relationship.
  • Existing matters are always Parent.
  • New matters only display the relationship via the Parent Matter field.

Choose a Matter

Choose a Matter

Select a Matter to work with.

Navigate to the Sub-Matters related list

Click the New Matters button.

New Sub-Matter creation page

 New Sub-Matter creation page
  1. Information
    • Fill in the needed information.
    • Parent Matter field.
    • Defaults to Matter where you chose to add a Sub-Matter (New associated Matter) from.
  2. Additional details
    • Fill in the details
  3. Dates
    • Fill in any known date details.
  4. Financial Information
    • Fill in any known financial details.
  5. Click SAVE

You are taken to Sub-Matter (New associated Matter) detail page upon Save...

You are taken to Sub-Matter (New associated Matter) detail page upon Save...

Notice the Sub-matter (Test Matter's Child) has the parent field referencing the Original Matter (Test Matter) you chose to add a Sub-Matter to.

If you click on the name of the Parent Matter (Test Matter) you are navigated to its record, where you see the Sub-Matter (Test Matter's Child) is now listed in the Sub-Matters related list (as shown below).

...Or you can check reference on Parent matter page

Notice the  original 'Parent' matter (Test Matter) has the Sub-Matters related list referencing the Sub-Matter (Test Matter's Child).

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