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Add Additional Fields to the Time Layout

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This Time object includes a customized Visualforce page that cannot be modified using standard page layout additions.  So to add a field to the Time object, you will need to utilize the fieldSet capability. 

Time has 2 fieldSets:

  1. fieldSet_Time
    • Used to add any custom field to the Time object.
  2. fieldSet_TimeRate
    • Used to add only these three fields related to Rates:
      1. Rate
      2. Rate Amount
      3. Total Amount

Please take note:

The same field should not be added to both fieldSets and fields from other related objects should not be added to the fieldsets.

Add a Field to a Field Set

To add field to field set:

Navigate to one of the following options on the FieldSets related list for the time object - by clicking Edit link on the left.

  • fieldSet_Time
  • fieldSet_TimeRate

FieldSet [Time], is used to add "any" custom field which user has added to Time and want it shown on our VF page.  FieldSet [TimeRate], is used to add "only" these three fields related to Rates: (Rate, Rate Amount, Total Amount).

Choose from the available associated object fields

Choose from the available associated object fields

Highlight an available associate object (left) to view available fields to add (right).

Choose from the available associated object fields

Choose from the available associated object fields

Drag and drop the desired field into the In The Field Set section.

Additional Setup Steps Required

The steps above have added the custom Time fields to the Time create/edit page only.  You also need to add the custom fields to the Time Page Layout.  For more information on editing page layouts, please follow this link.

Time Create/Edit Page View

Time CREATE / EDIT page view

Location on edit page is always in Additional Information section.

Time Detail Page View

Time DETAIL page view

Location is dependent upon your choice when adding fields to your page layouts.

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