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Using the Task Checklist

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Numerous options within the Task Checklist feature allow users to monitor overall task progress and to quickly update tasks within a single user experience.

1. Task Checklist Toolbar Options

  1. The component title is optional and can be modified within the component options.  The subtitle illustrates a summary of the current options.

  2. The grouping menu allows users to select the Task grouping method. (see more below)

  3. The filter menu allows users to limit which Tasks are displayed. (see more below)

  4. The expand and collapse menu  options allows users quickly expand or collapse all groups.

  5. The refresh icon allows users to quickly refresh the Task Checklist.

1.1. Group By Menu

  1. Allows users to group tasks by the selected choice. The Flat Display options displays tasks without grouping.

  2. Allows the task list to be sorted by the first task date within the group or alphabetically by group title.

1.2. Filter Menu

  1. Allows users to filter by the designated field values. The Role filter uses the participant relationship the selected users have with the underlying matter.

  2. When selected only displays overdue tasks.

  3. This option is only applicable when grouping by Activity Plan. When selected, this option will also display tasks that are not part of an activity plan.

2. Working With the Task Checklist

Tasks are displayed in two ordinals, the group header is the first ordinal, tasks falling within each group are displayed below and within each group. 

Columns and Headings 

  1. Subject: represents the group title and the individual task's subject.

  2. Time: represents the total group time and the individual task's logged time.
    NOTE: The Time column can be disabled in the Lightning component options.

  3. Assigned To: represents the individual tasks's assigned user. For the group, this column represents the first date task date within the grouping.

  4. Due Date: represents the last task date within the grouping and the individual task's due date.

  5. Status: represents the overall progress for the group and the individual tasks's current status.

    Display and Edit Actions

  6. Use the chevron icon (left of the group heading) to expand and contract the display of tasks within the group.

  7. Use the checkbox icon (left of the task subject) to quickly mark (or unmark) a task as complete.

  8. Use the edit icon to quickly edit a task field value.

  9. Use the row's context menu to edit the item using the standard edit form.

  10. Use the View More button to load more tasks under the group heading.
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