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Matter Kanban (legacy)

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The Matter Kanban is a lightweight project management tool inspired by physical card walls that teams often use to visualize their work. Within the Kanban, cards represent slices of work (Tasks) and can be moved across a series of steps allowing a visual display of progress.

The following information applies to using the Matter Kanban in Salesforce Classic. Please see this article for using the AdvoLogix Kanban in Lightning Experience.

1. Matter Kanban Primary Navigation

  1. Use the Task's context menu to Open, Start or Finish a specific Task. The following options are available in the context menu.

    • Open: open the Task update dialog.
    • Start: is available on Tasks in column one and quickly moves a Task into the second column. 
    • Finish: Is available in all columns except the first and last column and quickly moves a task into the last column.
  2. Use drag and drop to move a Task from one column to another.

  3. Additional Kanban options are available by exposing the options drawer. (see more detail below)

2. Kanban Options Drawer

The diagrams below illustrate the Kanban options available when the Kanban option drawer has been opened. 

2.1. Steps

  1. Steps are displayed as columns in the Kanban. The list of steps is determined by the picklist values for the Task Status field.  
    • It is important to note, organizations may optionally select an alternative picklist field to determine the column headings in the Matter Kanban (new in Summer 2017). 
  2. Each step can be shown or hidden (in the Kanban) by toggling the corresponding step (on or off).

2.2. User Options

  1. The User Options tab displays a list of organizational users for use within the Kanban.
  2. The My Tasks Only option will limit the Tasks displayed in the Kanban to the current user only.
  3. The Show Participants Only limits the displayed Users to only those Users who are Participants on the underlying Matter.
  4. Users can be assigned to specific Tasks using drag and drop.

The New Task button can be used to quickly create a new Task for the underlying Matter.

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