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Mass Emailing from Related Matter Participants

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Emails may be sent from the matter's Participation Map list view mode to selected contact participants.

Launching a Mass Email from the Participation Map

Sending the mass email is initiated by filtering the participant list to display only contacts. When the filter is established tag the participants for which an underlying contact will receive the email. After the participants have been selected, use the Mass Email icon to launch the mass email wizard.

To send mass email from the participant list, you must enable the Email Action option on the participation map lightning component.

Completing the Mass Email Wizard

Step 1 - Email Sender

The sender is defaulted to the logged in user but may be changed to an alternate sender identified in the organizations approved sender list.

Step 2 - Select an Email Template

Choose the desired email template. Keep in mind, when tracking is enabled,  only Lightning Templates support the ability to track email. For convenience the selected email template is automatically previewed below the selection.

Step 3 - Review Your Options

Use the review dialog to affirm your mass email options. When satisfied with the choices use the Send Now button to initiate the mass email.

Step 4 - Confirmation

The confirmation dialog will confirm the mass email was initiated and/or any errors have been reported.

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