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How do I add the AdvoLogix Kanban to a Lightning page?

Updated Mar 12, 2020

The AdvoLogix Kanban is available from the component palette in the Lightning page editor and is suitable for deploying to any record page that supports activities.

Deployment Use Cases

The AdvoLogix Kanban is designed for use within Lightning record pages. The primary use case for the component is within the context of a given matter; however, the component may also be deployed for any object that supports activities.

Deployment Options

The Kanban is available under the Custom - Managed section of the page designer's component palette. There are two options available for this component: 

  • Header Title: optionally display a title above the Kanban.

  • Allow Users to Change the Group By Field: allows end users the ability to select an alternative picklist field for the kanban column grouping.

Kanban columns are determined by the selection of a grouping field. This field can be any picklist from the task (activity) object. By default this field is normally the task status field; however, organizations may override the default Kanban grouping field in AdvoLogix Setup.

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