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The Participation Map graphically explores the relationship a Matter's Participants might share to other Matters. For example, a particular Expert on the underlying case may appear on other Matters, with or without the same role.

The Participation Map launch button is available at the top of the Matter page.

The information in this article applies to the Participation Map functionality available in Lightning Experience. Please see this article for details regarding the functionality in the Classic user experience.

How can the Participation Map Lightning component be used?

The Participation Map Lightning component is designed for a wide variety of use cases and provides participant access on any Lightning page with a matter, account, contact or user lookup field. This component may be deployed in AdvoLogix as a component docked on:

  • the Matter Lightning record page. 
  • the Account Lightning record page. 
  • the Contact Lightning record page. 
  • any Lightning record page with a matter, account, contact or user lookup field. This includes the 'Related To' field on the activity Lightning record pages.

Using the Participation Map Lightning Component

  1. Use the New button to create a new participant.
  2. Use the view style button to choose the map or list viewing style.
  3. Use the generation button to quickly filter the display to 1st, 2nd, or the 3rd level of relationships of participants. (the map displays the first generation by default).
  4. Use the filter option to limit the displayed participants by their type and/or role. 
  5. Use the maximize button to open the component in a larger display context.
  6. Use refresh to reload the map or list.

When viewing the participants in the list display style two additional options are available.

  1. Quickly limit the list by search criteria.
  2. The email button initiates a mass email to the selected contact participants. This option is only available when the Participation Map has been filtered to display contacts only. 

NOTE: This option may be disabled by the administrator on the Lightning control properties.

See this article for more information on working with entity nodes within the participation map.

How do I add the Participation Map component to a Lightning page?

The Participation Map component is available from the component palette in the Lightning page editor when modifying Lightning record pages. 

View Participation Map From
This option determines the base parent for the participation map. For the matter page organizations will typically select This Matter.  The remaining options allow for the selection of four additional types of lookup fields from the underlying object:

  • This Matter
  • Matter Lookup
  • Account Lookup
  • Contact Lookup
  • User Lookup

Enable Email Action
This option should be enabled for those organizations wishing to allow mass email from the Participation Map.

A change in the default schema of the Participant object directly affects the component's performance.  The higher the number of relationships on a Participant record, the slower the performance of the map generation. Please note, the default configuration allows only one relationship bound to a Participant record with one or more roles.

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