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Add the Billing Preview Component to a Lightning Page

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The billing preview lightning component can only be deployed within a lightning app page and/or lightning record pages for accounts and matters.

Deployment Options

The billing preview component supports dynamic interactions of lightning components. This means, as a developer you may develop a custom lightning component that can listen for interactions that happen within our billing preview window. AdvoLogix supports two interactions:

  1. Retrieve List of Billing Record IDs - This interaction provides all billing record IDs within the billing preview window based on the filters applied.
  2. Retrieve List of Selected Billing Record IDs - This interaction provides selected billing record IDs within the billing preview window.

How do I set up an interaction for the billing preview?

AdvoLogix utilizes dynamic interactions that are issued from the custom actions that your administrator may add to your billing preview window. For more details, follow this link.

To add an interaction, select the Billing Preview component instance on your lightning page.

  1. Switch to the Interactions tab in the right-sidebar.
  2. Click the Add Interaction action button.
  3. Select any custom lightning component on the same page with the ability to accept the data provided by the interaction.
  4. You will now be presented with a list of properties from the chosen component.  It is recommended to enter the expression {!Event.billingIdList} in the applicable input parameter, where you are expecting the result of the billing preview interaction to be.

Save the app builder page.

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