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The Settlement Calculator lightning component evaluates the settlement amount disbursement across all matter parties, with consideration for expenses, tax withholdings and estimated revenue generation for the Contingency Fee Arrangement associated with your matter.

How is the settlement amount disbursed across parties?

AdvoLogix disburses the settlement amount across parties based on computation derived from various factors highlighted below:

  1. Provide the Settlement Amount that has been agreed upon for the matter.
  2. Total Expenses are automatically aggregated for the matter from your logged expenses.
  3. Provide the Tax Withholding Amount that is withheld to meet the tax obligations.
  4. Provide the Probability (as a percentage) for the likelihood this matter will settle for the settlement amount provided above. 
  5. Expected Revenue (as a currency) to be automatically computed based on the Settlement Amount x Probability x Contingency Percentage.
  6. Provide a Settlement Date i.e. the specific date on which the matter is assumed as finalized and closed.
  7. Provide the Contingency Fee Arrangement from the current matter.
  8. The Tax Withholding Percentage will be automatically computed based on the provided Tax Withholding Amount.
  9. The Contingency Percentage to be automatically generated from the provided Contingency Fee Arrangement for the matter.
  10. Use the Settlement Calculator action button to initiate the computation of total disbursement across all the parties within your matter.
  11. Use the Create Settlement Report action button to generate an AdvoDoc report and attach it to the matter that highlights the settlement disbursement metrics across parties as a PDF document. To customize the generated PDF layout, follow this link.

Manage Fields in the Settlement Calculator Component

AdvoLogix provides you with the ability to manage the fields displayed within the settlement calculator lightning component. As an administrator, you would be able to make fields required or add or remove fields being displayed within the component.

For this, AdvoLogix provides a field set named as fieldSet_ContingencyFeeArrangement on the matter object. To access the field set, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Salesforce Setup | Object Manager | Matter.
  2. From the object view, click to open the Field Set section from the sidebar.
  3. Click on the fieldSet_ContingencyFeeArrangement field set.

Here you can make fields required, change the order of the fields being displayed or add or remove fields within the field set.

How to Customize the Settlement Report Template

AdvoLogix includes a standard AdvoLogix Template for generating the settlement report that can be customized to fit your use case.  The AdvoDoc template can be found here:

  1. Go to the AdvoDoc Templates tab (app launcher).
  2. Select All AdvoDoc templates list view.
  3. Look for and open a template named AdvoLogix Settlement Report.
  4. Click the Design Template action button to go to the AdvoDoc Template Editor and here you can modify the report structure per your needs.
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