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Introduction to AdvoLogix Mass Email

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The AdvoLogix mass email feature allows organizations to quickly send multiple email messages to matter contacts and contact-based participants.


The AdvoLogix mass email functionality supports the following:

  • Sending mass email from the AdvoLogix matter list.
  • Sending mass email from the AdvoLogix Participation Map's list view.
  • Sent email will automatically be related to the underlying matter's activity history.
  • separate email will be sent (individually) to each recipient (as opposed to BCC/CC/multiple TO).
  • If enhanced email is enabled with email tracking, emails sent using an HTML email template will be tracked.
  • In addition to the matter list, organizations may optionally configure the mass email option for other object lists.

Requirements and Limitations

  • The running user must have the “Send Email” permission enabled.
  • A maximum number of 100 email recipients can be sent per mass email.
  • An email cannot and will not be sent if any of the following are true:
    • A previous email has bounced.
    • A recipient does not have an email address.
    • A recipient has selected the Email Opt Out option on their contact record.
  • For organizations using Lightning Experience, Enhanced Email must be enabled:
    Setup/Activity Settings/Enable Email Tracking.
  • A maximum of 5000 emails can be sent per day.
  • Sender of Email can be customized only by using org-wide email addresses, with the available for “all profiles“ option enabled.
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