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Budget vs Actual Component (deprecated)

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The legacy Matter Budgeting has been deprecated along with the Budget vs Actual component (described in this article) as of the AdvoLogix Fall 2020 (v1.108.x) release.

This component is an optional inline Visualforce panel for matter page layouts and provides a quick assessment of your fee and expense based budgets as compared to AdvoLogix time and expense entries.


Within this component, budget fees and expenses (costs) are compared to the actual fees and expenses your timekeepers have been tracking. Budget details are analyzed by budget dates and accumulated for each budget summary UTBMS code. Actual values are itemized by timekeeper.

How does this component determine actual fees and expenses?

Fee and Expense Budget Overview

  • Each budget is assigned to a specific date range. 
  • Each budget consists of several budget summary roles comprised of fee or expense estimates for a given UTBMS code.

Actual Fees and Expense Calculation

  • Actual Fees are accumulated based on the time record's date and task code. The time's date is used to determine which budget the time entry falls within. It may be important to note, task codes might also be thought of in the broader sense of phases.
  • Actual Expenses are accumulated based on the expense record's date and type code. The expense's date is used to determine which budget the expense entry falls within.

Component Options

  • The Timekeeper breakdown may be optionally toggled on or off using the link within the component.

  • The Print button will quickly create a printable view (in spreadsheet format) of the budget comparison.

How do I add the Budget vs Actual component to the page layout?

Administrators can add this component to the Matter page layout using the Visualforce pages section of the page layout editor. The component name is Matter Budget vs Actual.

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