AdvoLogix Matter Management

Adding Custom Fields to Participants


The AdvoLogix Participant form does not allow the edit page layout to be customized. Custom fields may be added to the edit form using field sets using the following steps. 

Adding Fields to a Field Set

To add field to field set:

Select Edit next to fieldSet for the particular participant recordType page you wish to add the field to.

There are 5 default fieldSets for Participants:

  1. fieldSet_Participant: Fields added to any Participant record type.
  2. fieldSet_Participant_Account : Fields added specifically for the Account record type.
  3. fieldSet_Participant_Contact: Fields added specifically for the Contact record type.
  4. fieldSet_Participant_User: Fields added specifically for the User record type.
  5. fieldSet_Participant_Other: Fields added specifically for the User record type.


fieldSet custom fields add-on page
  1. Choose from the available associated object field
  2. Find find your custom field(s)
  3. Drag field(s) from available section

and Drop field(s) into the "In the Fields Set" box

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