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This information applies to the Focus Matters functionality available in lightning experience. Please see this article for details regarding the classic user experience.

How do I access Focus Matters in lightning experience?

Focus Matters can be accessed in the following ways in lightning experience:

  • The Focus Matters lightning application page allows users to work with their focus matters on a dedicated page while working in (and reviewing) the matter's timeline, in context with the selected matter.
  • The Focus Matters lightning component allows your organization to display the logged in user's focus matters on their home page or the utility bar.

What functions can I perform with the Focus Matters component?

  1. Select a row to refresh the timeline.
  2. Click in the heading to sort the list of matters.
  3. Use the context menu icon to work with the matter.
  4. Search within the focus matters list.
  5. Enable or disable the timeline display in the sidebar.
  6. Filter the focus matters list by role.
  7. Select record types to display in the timeline.
  8. Add a new record.
  9. Refresh the timeline.
  10. Work with the timeline elements.
  11. Select a list view from the matter object's saved list views.

How do I add the Focus Matters component to a lightning home page?

The Focus Matters lightning component is available from the component palette in the lightning page editor. There are two lightning component options available for the focus matters lightning component:

  • Enhanced View - Allows the end user to view the timeline sidebar. This option would normally be disabled when docking focus matters on the home page.
  • Narrow View - Displays the Matter Name and Last Activity Date only. This option would normally be enabled when docking focus matters in a narrow page column or the utility bar.
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