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Editing an Export Templates

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Create and manage Export Templates which can be used to retrieve customized data from Time records for integration with external accounting and billing systems.

Navigate to Advologix Setup

Choose Export Templates subtab

Export Templates

Export Templates

Click New Export Template button to add a new Export Template


Create Export template

Create Export template

Export Template name

Set the desired name for the template

Related object

Select Time


Set the desired name for the

Field To Mark Record As Exported

Select Exported

Field To Record Exported By User

Select Exported By

Field To Record Timestamp Of Exported Record

Select Exported On

Use Field Labels as Column Headers

Choose if you want to use field labels for the column headers on the output file

Field list - right hand column (in grey)

Check each field desired to be included in the export

Click Save to save the changes

Click Cancel to not save the export template

Export Template detail page

Export Template detail page

Export template is now built.

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