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Implementing the New Matter Timeline

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This article provides an overview of the process for migrating your organization to the new Matter Timeline. The January 2015 release was the first release to use the new Matter Timeline by default.

Following this process will ensure your organization takes advantage of the improved functionality of AdvoLogix.


The initial implementation of the Timeline used a dedicated data object to store historical references to Matter related records. This capability provided a single list of all records related to a Matter, regardless of their data type. Previously the user would need to open the related list sections for each related record. The downside to this approach is over time, the data accumulation has the potential of becoming a factor.

The January 2015 release of AdvoLogix introduced a replacement for the Timeline object. The new Matter Timeline does not induce data overhead and adds significant enhancements over the legacy Timeline.

Both Timeline implementations have remained available in AdvoLogix however support for the legacy Timeline is being phased out and will ultimately be deprecated. To this end we strongly suggest implementing the new Matter Timeline.

How do I implement the Matter Timeline?

Implementing the new Matter Timeline is a simple process. These steps presume you have enabled and have been using the legacy Timeline object.

  1. Disable all legacy Timeline options.
  2. Remove the Legacy Timeline Visualforce area from the Matter page layout(s).
  3. Add the new Matter Timeline Visualforce area to the Matter page layout(s).
  4. Optionally customize the Matter Timeline via the AdvoLogix Setup tab.

Disable All Legacy Timeline Options (automatic)

Disable All Legacy Timeline Options (automatic)

If using version 1.52 of AdvoLogix or later, you can check the status of your legacy Timeline very quickly. Simply open the AdvoLogix Setup tab. If you still have the legacy Timeline enabled a hyperlink will be displayed. When selected, the hyperlink allows you to disable the options with a quick confirmation. (illustrated above) Completing this step will ensure data will no longer be added to the Timeline object. The desired result.

Disable the Legacy Timeline (alternate)

The automated method described above is bar far the simplest way to disable the legacy Timeline from creating data in the Timeline object. If for some reason this method is not available, you can disable the Timeline manually by deactivating the options using the following steps.

  1. Navigate to: Setup | Build | Develop | Custom Settings
  2. Select Advologix Timeline Settings
  3. Select Manage then select Edit
  4. Check all options and Save

Swap the Visualforce Sections

On the Matter page layout, you will want to remove the Related List called Timeline and add the new Visualforce page, TimelineViewMatter.  You can read more about this topic in this article covering the Timeline.

Customize the Timeline

The Timeline has several options that allow your organization to fine tune the content available in the Timeline display. For instance you may include your own custom objects in the Timeline. The Timeline options are available via the AdvoLogix Setup tab. You can read more about this topic in this article covering the Timeline Setup.

Other Considerations

When you have successfully adapted to using the new Timeline you may consider dropping the data that was collected with the legacy Timeline. As we previously mentioned, the new Matter Timeline does not create data and will not need the data from the legacy Timeline object. This means that should you need the storage space the Timeline data may likely no longer be required. At best it would only serve as an alternate historical record from data that exists elsewhere in the system.

If you have additional questions or need further assistance please contact AdvoLogix Technical Support.

Additional Resources

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