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Introduction to Roles

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Matter management in the legal field involves a coordinated effort among various roles to handle legal cases efficiently and effectively. Your ability to deliver an efficient outcome depends on how your team responsibilities are distributed. These responsibilities can be easily managed by assigning roles to the individuals performing certain activities or tasks within your matter.

AdvoLogix includes a Roles tab for easier role management within your organization that can be assigned to your timekeepers as well as be able to manage default rates for them at the role level.

Go to the app launcher and search for the Roles tab.

Where can I use roles?

Roles in AdvoLogix can be utilized within various places as mentioned below:

  • AdvoLogix fee arrangements allow your administrators to configure and charge fees towards your matters that have guiding features to specific roles only. Your users would be able to utilize the fee arrangements and enter time for specific roles with the time amount automatically managed as per the fee arrangement applied for it.
  • AdvoLogix time entry's default rate hierarchy now supports an enhanced level of rate defaulting, which supports roles as well. For more details, follow this link.
  • Your users can enter time and track it against the role of your timekeeper or manually chosen one.
  • Your administrators can assign a default role to your timekeepers.

AdvoLogix ships with approximately 50+ standard roles pre-added to be utilized within your organization.

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