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Court Entities

Updated Nov 19, 2020

There are three types of Court Entities in AdvoLogix.: Court Systems, Court Venues and Courts. Court Entities have a hierarchical relationship:  

  1. Court System 
  2. Court Venues 
  3. Courts.

When creating a new Court Entity, record types are used to delineate the three types of entities: Court System, Court Venue and Court.

Court Systems

Court Systems establish the highest level of jurisdictional requirement at the federal and state level.  The location and types of services your organization provides will determine the entries used for Courts. 

For example organizations providing services in federal courts and the states of California and Texas will have at least three Court Systems: United States, California and Texas.

Court Venues

Though not required, Venues may be optionally established within a Court System to provide the specific legal authority for a Jurisdiction. Venues will always be assigned to a specific Court System.


The Court may be an essential element when determining the calendar schedule, especially when using automated scheduling tools such as AdvoLogix Activity Plans.

Courts establish the presiding jurisdictional authority for a given case. Courts must be assigned to a specific Court System and may be optionally established within a Court Venue. When optionally assigning a Judge (to the Court) the Judge must be a Contact entry in AdvoLogix.

Organizations may optionally assign a business hours configuration for the court. Assigning business hours to the court allows AdvoLogix Activity Plans to schedule dates around court holidays.

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