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Matter Timeline (legacy)

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This information applies to the Matter Timeline functionality available as a Visualforce panel. Please see this article for details regarding additional Matter Timeline functionality within lightning.

How can the Matter Timeline Visualforce panel be used?

The Visualforce panel is designed for the Matter page layout and will display a chronological list of records related to the underlying Matter. In addition to the list view, the Timeline can also be viewed graphically, displaying a high-level synopsis of activity (as shown above).

Timeline List View

  1. This pair of buttons can determine the display mode of the Timeline, which can be toggled between list and chart view. The first button displays the Timeline in list view while the second option displays the Timeline in chart view (illustrated above).

  2. The Show button allows for interactively selecting the record types displayed in the Timeline.

  3. Go to list increases the list view to a full page resulting in better visibility for a large number of rows.   

The first two settings are saved and will be defaulted the next time the Timeline is used. These settings are saved individually for each user. 

Viewing the Full List

Viewing the full list allows an entire page view of Timeline elements. When displaying the Timeline in full list mode there are  additional features available. (new in Summer 2016)

  1. Date Range Filter allows fine-tuning the list for items falling within a specific date range.

  2. Search quickly searches the Timeline's text fields. (new in Fall 2016)
  3. Printable View allows the current list of Timeline elements to be downloaded in the standard printable view format.

Timeline Graphic View

The graphic view illustrates the same content as the list view in a linear fashion. The following options are available when using this view:

  1. Use the arrows to chronologically navigate the timeline to the previous (or next) date range.

  2. Hover over a chart indicator to see more information about the underlying data element. Click the popup to view more information or edit the record.

How do I add the Visualforce Timeline to the page layout?

The Timeline component is designed to be optionally displayed on the Matter layout and can be added or removed from any Matter layout. There are two styles of the component that can be added to your page layout: 

  • The most common style is labeled Timeline View. This style displays the Timeline list view by default, with an option to switch back and forth between list and graphic view.  This style is illustrated in the heading of this article.

  • The other style, labeled Timeline (Chart View) only displays the chart mode and does not have options for filtering or switching to list view mode. This style is most useful to display a summary timeline only.  This style is illustrated in the Timeline List View section of this article.

To add the Visualforce panel to your page layout:

  1. Select  Visualforce Pages from the list of item types that can be added to the layout.
  2. Drag the TimelineViewMatter selection onto the desired area of your page layout.

NOTE: To remove the component from a page layout simply reverse these steps.

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