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The Timesheet is designed to allow individual Timekeepers to quickly review, update and create new Time entries for a given work week. In addition to data entry, the Timesheet provides a quick summary of the Timekeeper's daily and weekly metrics.

Which Time entries are displayed in the Timesheet?

Time entries are selected for display based on four criterion. 

  1. Week Ending Date
  2. Timekeeper (may be locked in AdvoLogix Setup)
  3. Disposition
  4. Show Weekends

If you modify the criterion simply press the Refresh button to update the Timesheet display.

When weekends are not shown, weekend hours are still included in the weekly total. 

How do I create new Time entries with the Timesheet?

Click the + icon next to the date your new Time entry should be created for. Update the time in hours and edit the remaining columns. Make sure to save the Timesheet when your updates are complete.

How do I edit Time entries in the Timesheet?

Simply double-click in the cell of the data you would like to edit. Make sure to save the Timesheet when your updates are complete.

How do I delete a Time entry from the Timesheet?

Simply click the x icon in the first column of the spreadsheet. The Time record will be immediacy removed from your database.

Can I open the standard Time page layout for a given Time entry?

Yes, simply click the open record icon in the first column of the spreadsheet. The standard Time page layout will be displayed. If you modify your Time entry make sure to refresh the Timesheet when you return back to the Timesheet.

This feature can be added to the AdvoLogix navigation menu or may be accessed from the all tabs location.

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