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Using the Matter Calendar

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The AdvoLogix Matter Calendar displays matter activities in a traditional monthly calendar format or a highly interactive timeline format. Scheduled activities, key matter dates, and time entries are optionally displayed and available for edit using the techniques described in this article.

1. Matter Calendar Toolbar Options

The toolbar allows users to navigate through the current time frame, adjust the display mode and select a variety of filter options. 

  1. The navigation icons allow users to quickly navigate the time frame displayed within the calendar, along with a date picker to navigate to a selected date quickly. 
  2. Quick navigation button to allow bringing user's attention to present date in current display mode of calendar.
  3. The refresh button allows users to quickly refresh the calendar.
  4. The display mode icon allows users to select several different viewing options.
  5. The filter action menu allows users to select from a variety of filter options.

2. Display Options

Display As: Allow users to select to view the calendar in a Weekly or Monthly format.  When the Weekly format is selected users have three additional options:

  1. Weekly Display Style: Allow users to select between an Hourly, List, or Timeline view.  
    • Hourly: Displays the list of events by time of day, top to bottom (from 12am to 12pm).  All day events appear at the top of the calendar with key dates and tasks.
    • List: Displays the list of items in a stacked list of items grouped by item types.
    • Timeline: Displays the list items in a rich user experience similar to other timeline display modes throughout the application.

  2. Number Of Days: Allow users to select the number of days displayed. Please note this option is not available when using the Matter Calendar when the component's Narrow View option has been enabled in the Lightning  App Builder deployment options.

  3. Show Weekends: Suppresses Saturday and Sunday (or Weekends) from the days displayed in the list.

3. Options to Filter By

3.1. Items to Show

The options within this section allow users to dynamically select the type(s) of items to display in the calendar. 

For organizations that choose not to track time, Time can be disabled on the Matter Calendar from AdvoLogix Setup.  

  1. From the Overview menu, select Matter Planner from the Matter sub-menu on the left-hand side.
  2. Then, select [change] from the Matter Planner record types.
  3. Uncheck the Enable Time checkbox and save the changes.
3.2. Limit Items by Assigned Matter

If neither Focus Matters or List View Filter is unchecked, then the Matter Calendar will display activities throughout your organization that may or may not be associated with a matter, in the current view of the calendar.

  • Focus Matters: This option, usually enabled, allows users to limit calendar items to those items assigned to their Focus Matters. Users may further limit the items assigned to matters in which they play a specific role. It is important to note, this option is not required (or displayed) when working within the matter's record page.

  • List View Filter: This option allows users to limit calendar items to those items assigned to matters meeting the criteria from a saved list view filter. It is important to note, this option is not required (or displayed) when working within the matter's record page.
3.3. Limit Events
  • List View Filter: This option allows users to view a subset of event items displayed in the calendar using the saved event list view filter option.
3.4. Limit Tasks
  • List View Filter: This option allows users to view a subset of task items displayed in the calendar using the saved task list view filter option.

  • Overdue Tasks: When enabled, this option only displays tasks that are overdue.

  • Incomplete Tasks: When enabled, completed tasks will not be shown in the calendar.
3.5. Limit Time
  • List View Filter: This option allow users to view a subset of time items displayed in the calendar using the saved time list view filter option.
3.6. My Items
  • Always Show: This option surfaces all items assigned to the running user, without regard to the Assigned Matter filter.

  • Show Only: This option limits the calendar items to those the current user is explicitly assigned to.
3.7. Limit Items By Users

A distinct list of users is displayed from the currently displaying list of activities in the calendar view. This list of users further allows you to show or hide activities by them in the currently displaying calendar view.

As specified above, there are slight differences in the filter options when using the Matter Calendar from the matter's record page as opposed to the organizational context. 

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