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How do I create a new Intake Form?

Updated Nov 27, 2018

Creating a new intake is accomplished using the Intake Form Wizard. The wizard directs the user through a few simple steps in determining the content and makeup of the new intake. Upon completion of the wizard the Intake Designer allows the user to complete the form design.

1. Intake Form Wizard - Base Object and Record Type

  • Form Name: Establishes the title of the form.

  • Base Object: refers to the primary record created by the intake form. By default, intake forms support Matters, Accounts, and Contacts. This capability may be extended using the following techniques.

  • Record Type: determines the type of base object record created with this form.

2. Intake Form Wizard - Additional Lookup Records

In addition to the base object, additional lookup records can also be created with an intake form. The list of available records is determined by lookup fields from the form's base object (established in step 1). 

In addition to the base object and additional lookup records users have the ability to create lists of related information within the intake form. The list of available related information is determined by other objects to which the underlying object is related to. These lists are synonymous with related lists within the platforms page layout designer.

4. Intake Form Wizard - Column Layout Style

The selection of layout style will determine the column formatting for the new form.

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