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How do I create an AdvoDoc template?

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AdvoDoc Templates provide the merge content for creating new documents. The templates are created with our rich text designer and based on standard merge token naming conventions. AdvoDoc Templates are available via an application tab (from All Tabs). The tab can also be added to the main menu or as a sidebar shortcut.

Creating a New Template

Templates can be inserted into other templates that share the same base object (clauses). Use the  System base object to create templates that can be inserted into any template without regard to sharing a common base object.

STEP 1: Starting from the AdvoDoc Templates tab.

STEP 2: Create a new template and complete the template profile.

  •  Name: is used to uniquely identify this template. It will also be used in the Title (prefix) of newly created documents.

  • Base Object: identifies the context from which data for the merge template will be populated. Account, Contact, and Matter are default options. You may add your own objects to these defaults by following these steps.

  • Format: determines the type of resulting output file created by the assembly. Leave this option blank to determine at runtime. Choices are PDF or DOCX.

  • Category: is a classification that can be used to filter the list of templates when creating a document on-demand.

  • Description: can be used for your internal documentation purposes.

  • Additional Margin: allows the ability to increase the default margin widths. Margin widths are saved as a millimeter unit of measure. For example, one inch is 25.5 millimeters. The current default margins are approximately ½ inch on all sides.

STEP 3: Use the Design Template button found at the top of the page layout to edit the template.

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