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The AdvoDoc Input Wizard is used to validate the information that will be merged into the AdvoDoc before it is generated.  Through the Input Wizard, a user can make changes to the data being merged before the document is created.

After selecting the Create Document action button on the Matter, the AdvoDoc template selection list will have the Input Wizard Action available along with the existing actions list but you must complete the below step before you are able to use the Input Wizard.

  • To add the remote site setting automatically, you can simply click on Add Now!.  Selecting this option will add the remote site setting named MyOrgVisualforceApiRequestsAdvologix automatically.
  • Or, you can select the link Click here to read more and you will be directed to this help article to review.

If a user does not have the necessary permissions to perform this addition, then a system administrator will need to perform this step.  The Input Wizard cannot be used if this Remote Site Setting is not added.

Template Selection

To launch the Input Wizard, select the icon shown below (in red) to the left of the template being used.

Using the Input Wizard

When first launched, the input wizard will always display the fields that have been extracted from the template's base object record.  In the example below, the Matter is the base object record for the template that is being used.  The document or template name can be found at the top of the wizard (1).  In the top right corner, there is a Yes/No toggle (2).  By toggling this to 'Yes', the changes that you make to the fields will be saved to the base object record (in this example: the Matter record).  The bar at the bottom (3) illustrates your progression through the wizard.  All subsequent pages will contain a related list from the template that can also be updated and saved to the related list object.

AdvoDoc Created

Once Finish is selected, the AdvoDoc will be created.  The window below gives you the option to go to the newly created document or download the document or go back to the record you started from.

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