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AdvoLogix Setup: Relationship Maps

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Before a Relationship Map can be placed on a page layout, a template must first be created.  To create the template, you will need to go to the AdvoLogix Setup tab.

ūüßź Do you know where to find the AdvoLogix Setup tab? ¬†Go to the app launcher (waffle) and search for¬†setup. ¬†Select¬†AdvoLogix Setup from the search results.

Create a Relationship Map Template

This will be done on the AdvoLogix Setup tab.  To create a template, the following fields will need to be completed:

  1. Base Object - This is the object the Relationship Map will reside on.
  2. View Relationships from - The objects displayed here are the related list objects from the base object.  The object selected will show the relationship between it and the base object.  (In most cases, this will more than likely be a custom object.)
  3. Display Relationship Labels from - This is a list of picklists and multi-picklist fields from the object selected as View Relationships from.  The picklist values from the field selected will be used as the labels to describe the relationship between the two objects.
  4. Display Relationship Nodes from - This is a list of the custom lookup fields from the object selected as View Relationship From.  Select which node(s) best represent 
  5. Filter - The Relationship Map filter syntax is as follows: <Field Name1> = "xyz" and <Field Name 2> = 123
    1. Where <Field Name> is the API name of a field in the related object.
    2. Where "xyz" and 123 are the values you expect to see in the related list
      • Example A: RecordType.Name = "Account" OR RecordType.Name = "Contact"
      • Example B: advpm__Billable_Account__c = true and RecordType.Name = "Account"
  6. Template Name - Give the template a descriptive name.

Please Note:

  • The string or text based Filter Field Values must be enclosed in double quotes as displayed in the examples above.
  • When including multiple fields within your filter clause, enclose them with parentheses for appropriate logical grouping.

Modify an Existing Relationship Map Template

All columns can be modified after the initial save except the Base Object and the View Relationships From columns. To change any of these values, a new template will have to be created. Select Edit or Delete next to the template to modify or delete respectively.

For more information on using the Relationship Map, please follow this link.

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