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How do I use the rule set import/export features?

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The Assignment Rule Set import/export features allow your organization to perform mass editing in a spreadsheet application, such as Microsoft Excel. This is very useful when managing large sets of Rules. Simply export your current rules, modify the columns in Excel and then re-import. 

How do I export a Rule Set?

You may export a Rule Set using the Export button at the top of the Rule Editor.  The resulting file will be formatted using the same format required by the Rule Set Import.

How do I import a Rule Set?

Importing a rule set may be started using the Import button at the top of the Rule Editor. 

NOTE: Clicking finish on the import wizard will replace your existing rules.

Step 1: Select File to Import

Select an appropriately formatted CSV file containing the rules for this rule set. 

Step 2: Map Columns to Fields

Match the Import file’s columns to the appropriate AdvoLogix fields and target mapping. 

The import wizard has attempted to align your spreadsheet column headings (row 2) with the AdvoLogix data field names. If these headings do not match automatically ensure the correct import file is being used. 

  • Import File Column 
    Represent the column labels from your import file.

  • AdvoLogix Field 
    Represents the field label from your AdvoLogix base object.

  • Target Mapping 
    Indicates whether the column is an Assignment or Criteria column in the Rule Set.
Step 3: Confirmation

Review the column and field mapping for the rule set. Use the Back button to revise and edit.

Importing a rule set will replace all Rules in the current Rule Set.

What format is the Rule Set import/export file?
  • The rule set should be in CSV (comma separated value) format.  The best way to format an import file is to select your Assignment and Criteria columns in the rule editor then perform an Export. The Export function will format your file for you automatically.
  • The top row should have an Assignment heading and a Criteria heading. 
  • The second row should have headings for each Assignment field and each Criteria field.

Example import export format:

Owner ID Status Type Budget
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