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AdvoLogix Setup: Reporting


This tab provides access to the enhanced reporting settings.

Enable enhanced reporting for Actuals and Estimates to enable a background job that analyzes your time, expenses, budgets and budget details and prepares a singular reporting capable data set called Transactions. Administrators can take advantage of this object and prepare reports that give users easier to understand representation of actuals and estimates accumulated for your matters or firms.

The enhanced reporting background job tracks and maintains the accurate representation of the actuals and estimates data until the day before from the current day and time. That is, when viewing the reports you should consider the data visualized in reports is accurate until the day before only and the current day's changes may not have been synced until the day is over.

Enabling enhanced reporting for budgets and actuals also increases data storage consumption within your organization. Please review with your administrator and AdvoLogix account executive, if your organization requires additional data storage capacity before enabling this feature.

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