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AdvoLogix Setup: At a Glance (legacy)

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At a Glance is an optional Matter dashboard with up to four charts per record type. The dashboard can be added to any Matter page layout. Analytics are delivered in real-time or in optional snapshot mode. Charts in the dashboard are fully interactive with the ability to easily drill into the report data for further analysis or editing. Read more...

How can the dashboard be customized?

How can the dashboard be customized?
  • The dashboard is capable of displaying four default charts.
  • The four default charts may be overridden for each Matter Record Type.
  • Any valid Matter report chart can be used as a chart source.
  • Chart Titles may optionally be displayed.
  • Charts can be displayed in real-time or as a snapshot.

What are the requirements for a report chart?

Reports used as charts for the dashboard should meet the following criteria:

  • The report type must pertain to Matters. For example Time with Matters or Matters with Expenses.
  • The report must have a chart.
  • The report must be saved in a public folder, available to anyone viewing the dashboard.
  • The report format must be either Summary or Matrix.

If a report is not available, one of these rules is prohibiting it from being available.

How can I assigning a report chart to the dashboard?

There are always 4 slots available for default chart selections. Additionally, each Record Type can override the default charts with a set of charts specifically for the given record type (up to 4 charts per record type). 

The following options are available for managing the selected charts.

  1. Modify a default chart.
  2. Remove a default chart.
  3. Add a new chart for a specific record type.

Can I turn the chart titles on/off?

Turning on the chart title option displays the report name above the chart in the dashboard. This option is normally enabled.

Why would I disable real-time reporting?

When you disable real-time reporting, the dashboard will use the last available snapshot of the chart. This allows organizations with extremely high use to remain well below daily report limits.

When using snapshots, the snapshot can be updated by any user to reflect the current data analytics.

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