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AdvoLogix Setup: Matter Planner


The Matter planner consists of several calendar and scheduling components including the Matter Kanban, Matter Calendar and the Matter Gantt.

How can the Matter Planner be customized?

  1. Expanding Group Events will display one line for each attendee, in the Matter Calendar and the Matter Gantt. Disabling (unchecking) this option will display one row representing all attendees. See the Matter Calendar and Matter Gantt for more information on how Group Events are displayed.

  2. Show Tasks flagged as Email determines if Email Tasks will display on the Matter Calendar and Matter Gantt.

    NOTE: This option is helpful due to the way the Salesforce platform, saves Email as a Task with the subject beginning with "Email:". Tasks can also be declared as an Email with the Type field. In either case, Email is stored in Tasks and this option allows for "decluttering" the Matter Calendar and Gantt.

  3. The Kanban grouping field allows your organization to specify which Task picklist field will control the column layout within the Kanban.

  4. The Matter Planner form overrides allow your organization to specify alternate update forms when using the Matter Calendar, the Matter Gantt and the Salesforce mobile user interfaces.

  5. Matter Planner record types will determine the end user's ability to see these options in their calendar. For instance, if your organization never uses Time in the Calendar. The end user option to display time will not be presented.This feature simplifies the options for your end users.

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